Friday, 3 June 2011

The First Post

Warning: You may need to read this twice, as it's that good.

Many of you have been gagging for me to start my own blog (if you know what I mean), so here it is.

12:32 >>> Tried my new 'Krave' cereal. It was a raging success. Can't wait for my next bowl, perhaps tomorrow? You guys will have to wait until then!

15:02 >>> Took some oxygen into my lungs, and replenished the air with some fresh new carbon dioxide. You're welcome world.

15:30 >>> Changed my sheets. They were getting a bit cheesy (that's what she said!).

16:08 >>> Started writing my first blog, and completed it, giving a chosen few of you the priviledge of really having a good look at what goes on inside my head. Yes, it's complex, but I have tried my best to break down the few most important events of my day for those of you with limited brain power.

Thank you blog readers. I did this for you.

1 comment:

  1. hahaha i LOVE it. the part where you had cereal, that really took my breath away. and the sheets? what a drama, I was worried you wouldn't make it. I'm glad you succeeded.